Headstones related to Hobbies

The loss of a loved one can be a tremendously painful experience. The grieving are plunged into funeral arrangements, possibly for the first time in their lives. Many can feel overwhelmed by the planning and decision-making at this time of mourning. After the ceremony  the family and close loved ones must turn their attention to how to mark the grave by creating a fitting memorial to commemorate the life of the deceased.   The long-lasting memorial which is created is the final gift which can be bestowed upon a loved one and, as such, much consideration should be given to the design. No matter how simple the design, feelings and personal sentiments can still be expressed and memories ‘set in … Continue reading Headstones related to Hobbies

European Headstones

Each country has its own beauty, history and culture. Religion has had a fundamental effect on each of these factors. Each religion has not only its faith, but also rites and rituals to be observed. Each religion requires conformity, whether that be to prayer or to ceremonies such as matrimony and burial. This is equally true of memorialisation. With this in mind, we will focus on styles of headstones commonly found in different European countries. Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain and France are predominantly Protestant and Catholic, whilst and the United Kingdom is divided into two major faiths: Catholicism and Church of England. In Russia almost half of total population adheres to the Russian Orthodox Church. Poland is known to be … Continue reading European Headstones